2-3 weeks Muscovy Ducklings for Sale
Abilene, Texas

 April 15, 2020 ,  April 15, 2020

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2-3 weeks Muscovy Ducklings for Sale. The price is $8 each. I don't know their run at all. Parent pictured. You can pick the ones that you want.

Muscovy ducks are unique and strangely beautiful waterfowl that are native to the wooded swamps and marshes of South and central America and Mexico. I hope to share facts and dispel some of the myths surrounding the mysterious Muscovy Duck.

Muscovy ducks will steal your heart if you ever get to know them. They are friendly and have become accustomed to living alongside humans. Although they have been living wild in North America since at least the late 19th Century people still don't know much about them so I hope this lens will help you appreciate them a little more.

All people who live near Muscovy ducks do not appreciate them and in fact some people view them as unwanted pests. This has been used as an excuse by some to mistreat these friendly and interesting birds.

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